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Barrie, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the coaching sessions that you did with me. You have changed the way I approach everything in life, from work through to social and family relationships. Rather than telling me what I should be doing differently, your approach gave me the tools to deal with work and life’s challenges; empowering me to take control and choose how I respond to everything thrown at me. There isn’t a single day now that I don’t refer back to these tools and the lessons learnt in our sessions – from ‘appreciating the moment’ to setting boundaries and being OK with people’s reactions if I say no. Thankyou, and thankyou also from my staff, wife and family!

Craig Pisani: Principal Chartered Accountant.

Craig Pisani

“I want to express my gratitude to Barrie for my growth and development over the last 12 months. He opened a door for me to recognise the value of the work that I do for my clients, and the compassion that I have for the community at large. My business has doubled, I have since moved into a new office, employed two staff members and my business continues to grow, as a result of the principles and goals implemented in my coaching sessions with Barrie”.

Business and Estate Lawyer.

Leesa Cleary

“Thank you for your wonderful support and inspiration during the past six months. I have been challenged for the better and you have helped me in so many ways to begin my wonderful journey in creating a new life- both in business and personally. Thankyou!!”

Penny Birdsall: early Childhood Teacher Trainer and Consultant.

Penny Birdsall.

“Hi Barrie, I wanted to let you know what an amazing help you have been to me over the past 12 sessions. As a relatively new business owner, without a construction minded business partner, there are many decisions that I make where I would love another opinion or some reassurance that it is indeed the correct decision. You give me that sounding board to bounce ideas off and the confidence you give me in running my business is invaluable. You listen intently every session and offer fantastic advice and wisdom, whilst the whole time ensuring that I feel very much in control still of my business direction. I have found a fantastic mentor in you and look forward to my journey ahead with you along for the ride. I thank you sincerely for all of your guidance.”

Luke Payne: Builder.

Luke Payne

“Right from the word go, with Barrie I felt that there was an instant rapport, a high level of trust and a great deal of experience in life’s lessons. Barrie draws a lot from inside you and helps you uncover what is truly important.”

Richard Codron: Hong Kong Enterpreneur.

Richard Codron

“Working with Barrie Burns is a joy because he understands ‘me’ in my business. He helps me move forward in ways that work for me not just intellectually but also emotionally. He is able to pinpoint exactly what is holding my business back and then provides enormous support to help me change.”

Business Sales and Communication Consultant


“Deciding to go into business for myself was something I had wanted to do for years. I wanted to own my own business but I didn’t think I was good enough. So I decided to to take on Barrie as my Business Coach to help me with my first steps into this exciting yet daunting world. Barrie helped me visualise my potential, he guided me in the process of setting strategies, and most importantly he helped me think positively and got me into action. Thanks to Barrie I more than achieved the goals that I set in our first session and now have the self belief to take my business beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks Barrie. ”

Eugene: Senior Administrative Executive