Something about Barrie Burns.

Barrie Burns
Barrie Burns

Barrie is both a business broker and a business development coach, with a successful background in both corporate and small business. He comes from a family that has been successful over many years in both business development and real estate sales.

Before becoming a business broker, he started his own company from scratch and subsequently sold that enterprise to a multi-national company for several million dollars. Part of his journey was to seek out and buy a bolt-on acquisition to expand his already successful base. During this period of personally buying and selling his own businesses, he developed an appreciation of the experience of  being the  buyer and seller of an enterprise.

Prior to building his own company, Barrie was a senior executive with a multi-national organisation involved in building productivity into acquired enterprises. His experience and understanding of business development, and acquisitions, along with a highly experienced and professional legal team, enables Barrie to get down to business with you and your buyers on a friendly and a professional basis.

His motto “Your Success is our Focus” is more than a tagline…it is the foundation for a successful business relationship.

On a Personal Note….

Barrie lives in Cronulla close to the surf that he loves. When he is not doing business, he is surfing, cycling, skiing or travelling. His background studies, apart from general business studies, brokering, and allied fields, also include psychotherapeutic counselling, art, and executive and leadership coaching.
He is a well known business leadership coach and mentor, and has on a number of occasions acted as a coach on the Women in Business Mentoring program.

Your Success is our Focus!