Thinking about buying a business?

You may be looking for the right kind of business to buy, or looking to expand your existing enterprise by folding another company into your existing structure.
We manage the process
We have strong business experience
From Sydney CBD to the South Coast
We do the research for you

Many businesses that are sold are not advertised, and part of our service is to act as a buyer’s agent, to seek out the kind of businesses that you have a focused interest in, and make confidential representation on your behalf. Successfully buying or selling a business can be a rocky road, and sometimes with what looks like a certain sale, is disrupted at the last moment by a failure during the process of due diligence.  An integral part of our job is to ensure that the process is transparent and honest.

Strong teamwork

Our lawyers are personable, professional and highly experienced, and their job is to keep you on safe ground during the process. If you would like to have a confidential and obligation free chat regarding  the kind of business that you are searching for, and have finance available, please email me or give me a call. If you are looking for a sea change out of Sydney, please let me know.

Your Success is our Focus.

Through insight, creative thinking, and diligence.


We can guide you through the buying process.